Blues Melnage

Vienna Blues Melange​

Vienna Blues Melange is a series of workshops bringing international Blues teachers to Vienna.
Be part of a weekend full of Blues!

6th – 8th September 2019

Joining us all the way from Stuttgart Rachel will teach a weekend of mostly solo, but also partnered blues at our fourth Vienna Blues Melange ❤️

The Vienna Blues Melange is a series of workshops bringing international Blues teachers to Vienna, so that you don’t have to travel far yourself**

There will be two days of workshops, three nights of social dancing, live music and lots of Blues love 😋

Prices: 1 day = 3 hours = 35 Euros, 2 days = 6 hours = 60 Euros (what a bargain!)

*** Registration is closed but you can still come to our parties***

Important note ahead:

Rachel has a very serious allergy to both peanuts and tree nuts (walnuts, cashews, etc). We ask that you please not bring snacks with these ingredients to the lessons or parties. If you eat them just before class or the dance, please wash your hands and brush your teeth to help Rachel avoid any nut dust or oil. We really appreciate your cooperation!

⚡Classes ⚡

⚡Saturday – All Levels* (🕑 11 – 2:45 pm)
11-1.15 pm Solo Blues:

Solo Blues Sampler

Being able to dance for and by yourself is key in blues – even when we connect with a partner, we each have our own voice to express. We’ll start with the foundations for moving to blue music: pulse, posture and timing. Then we’ll explore a sampling of blues vocabulary that is wonderful for doing alone as well as useful in partnered blues dancing. Get ready – we’ll be moving from our head down to our toes!

Solo Blues Musicality

Blues dancing today draws from a wealth of African roots music and African-American idiom dances done in different parts of the United States. In this hour we’ll learn about some key styles of blues music and discover ways of matching our movement to various elements in a blues song. Come explore your connection to the music!

1:45-2:45 pm Partnered Blues:
Call and Response 

People say that partnered blues dancing is like a conversation. That’s particularly true when we unpack the idea of call and response. We’ll listen to different examples in the music and then practice it in our partnered technique, creating a dialogue of movement. You’ll soon see how taking inspiration from your partner leads to creating new variations and shapes in your own dancing!

⚡Sunday – Experienced* (🕑 1 – 4:30 pm)
1-3:15 pm Solo Blues:

Integrated Movement
Have you ever been captivated by a pro’s dancing, even while they’re doing some simple movements that you learned ages ago? As the saying goes, “’Tain’t what you do, but the way that you do it.” We are going to focus on body mechanics for an hour and set up the training you need to achieve that effect. We’ll practice getting your movement to originate from the right point and flow outward continuously.

Creating Variety
In this class we’ll look at how we can reach new heights of creativity and musicality without constantly changing moves. After all, people in the US used to (and sometimes still do!) dance slow drag, fish tails, and so on for the length of an entire song. You’ll be challenged to play with rhythm, speed, amplitude, and texture to find endless variations even in familiar moves.

3:30-4:30 pm Partnered Blues:
In our last hour together we’ll work on bringing dynamism to partnered moves by building up leverage and playing with momentum. We’ll start with a couple of technique exercises and discover how leverage requires input from both leaders and followers. Then we’ll spice up an easy combination so that by the end you’re ready to adapt it to fit even the most dramatic song.

* Level descriptions:
All levels:Open to everyone with some blues dance experience, no matter if you have participated in a blues workshop or taken a few beginners’ lessons.

Experienced:For dancers who have a strong foundation in blues, confidently express different rhythms in the music, and are comfortable dancing in standard blues holds (closed, open & embrace). Come ready to delve into some challenging technique and increase your creativity!

🎶 Party programme: 🎶

🐟 Friday, 6 September 2019: Opening Parteee
from 8 pm – 1 am
Location: At Philip’s (Link will follow soon!)

⚡Saturday, 7 September 2019: Blues Party with Live Music
8-9pm – Blues Taster Class:

First time dancing blues? No worries! In this class, rather than focusing on being ‘correct,’ we will explore a variety of ways to express ourselves to the music and connect with our partners. You’ll learn some fun vocabulary and play with surprising and inspiring each other on the dance floor.

from 9 pm – 3 am: Social Dancewith LIVE MUSIC
…. stay tuned for further information!
Location: Statt Beisl at WUK
(Link will follow soon!)

⚡Sunday, 8 September 2019, from 6.30 pm – midnight:
For those, who haven’t had enough – join the regular event Swing the Boat at Badeschiff for an evening full of slow Swing and Blues music! The entrance fee is included in your ticket!
Location: Badeschiff
(Link will follow soon!)

😎 Our teacher 😎

Rachel Cassandra loves blues dancing, with its wide range of music, connection and movement styles. In the last decade and more she has been fortunate to learn from all of the top teachers in the American blues dancing scene. Although initially intimidated by challenge of finding her own voice in the dance, she has grown to love the freedom of self-expression found in blues.

Rachel has had an unusual dance journey: highlights include starting off with Hungarian folk dances, at age 17, winning the Moroccan salsa championship in 2011, and spending a good chunk of her 20s traveling nonstop to teach kizomba across the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Along the way, she has had the opportunity to connect with blues dancers all over the world. Rachel finally settled down in Stuttgart in 2017 to teach blues for Blues Kitchen Stuttgart.

Rachel uses her skills as a trained educator to share what she loves about blues dancing. She meets you where you are but always challenges you to expand and deepen your understanding of the dance. From geeking out over a particular blues idiom to hearing musical elements in a new way to building up from drills to a sweet new move, Rachel’s goal as a teacher is for you to take everything you’ve learned in her classes right onto the social floor.

* If you have read this far, we also want to tell you about our GREEN POLICY for this event. An important reason for us to organise these weekends is the wish to provide people living in and close to Vienna with the opportunity to profit from the wisdom and experience of international teachers without having to travel far themselves. We’d rather have one person travel (ideally by train) than many flying all over Europe.
In order to keep the event as ‘green’ as possible we will only provide locally produced foodies, will try to keep our energy consumption as low as possible and hope you will join this event by foot, train or on bicycle!


This time with Alain and Zoe joining us from London! There will be two days of classes on both Blues and Fusion Dance, three days of social dancing with amazing Blues and Fusion DJanes, life music (both Blues and Fusion) and lots of Blues… and guess what… FUSION love. 

Your Vienna Blues Organisers Team!

This time Jenna Applegarth and Daniel Repsch joined us from US! There were two days of workshops (4 hours per level), three days of social dancing, live music aaaaaaaaaaand lots of #Blueslove.

Ruth Evelyn and Mike Grosser joined us from the US. There were two days of workshops, 3 nights of social dancing, live music aaaaaaaaaaand lots of blues love.